Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm youthful

Friends describe me as youthful, empathic, generous, intelligent, compassionate and a good listener. I love cooking and entertaining close friends at home. I am passionate about reading and would love if my partner read to me. I am also an avid film-goer and love discussing the film afterwards with a partner or friends. My ideal date would be to take a long walk in the woods and then return to a cozy chalet where we would sit talking quietly, with a glass of wine, before a crackling fire. I love to play with wildfucktoys. My ideal mate would be a contented and confident man who is not afraid of open communication and the easy give and take of a relationship. He has genuine warmth and real integrity as well as a keen intelligence and a passion for life. While I understand the need for private space, I do think there have to be enough interests in common to cement of the relationship.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm a happy :)

I'm a happy, well adjusted, healthy(mind, body and spirit) & a "busy building my own dreams" kind of girl. I'm sociable and have a great and diverse group of friends & a wonderful family. Have good work & life ethics & adore being a mum of a healthy 3 y.o. who lives with me part time. & My motivation to learn about organic gardening. Now have a thriving veggie/herb garden I use for cooking & my home pharmacy. I love nature, water & the great outdoors. I have great memories camping as a kid. My dad took me on "Rex Hunt type adventures" in the dingy. We came back with 144 fish one time! I'm a confident cook, especially love casseroles, pasta or desserts from scratch. A dream holiday of mine would be to explore the Egyptian Pyramids. My views to life, love & the whole universe. In a nutshell, positive thinking attract positive outcomes.

So, if your interested in finding out more about me. Let me know and I'll reply next time I breeze through. ;-) x